Property Management FAQ's

If you're considering renting your property and have questions regarding Property Management we hope the information below will provide an answer.

If not please contact our Business Development Manager or request a free property appraisal.

Jo Lockwood-Hall

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Frequently Asked Questions from our prospective Landlords:

If not please contact our Business Development Manager Jo Lockwood-Hall or request a free property appraisal.

Frequently Asked Questions from our prospective Landlords:

How many property managers do you have servicing the area?

  • At LJ Hooker Mandurah we have 1 Department Manager, 5 Property Managers, 4 Assistants, 1 Leasing Manager and 1 Business Development Manager.
  • The Property Managers Cassandra, Jenni, Judy and Kirsty keep in touch with their owners and oversee all issues pertaining to their property portfolio.
  • The Property Management Assistants Jodie, Jo, Kirsty and Stacey liaise with tenants and keep record of all maintenance, while attending to ad hoc administration duties.
  • The Leasing Manager, Louise shows properties to prospective tenants, plans the daily viewings, carries out tenancy checks and records all rental references.
  • Our Business Development Manager Jo works with the owners/investors to make their transition as a Landlord and new customers to LJ Hooker Mandurah, as smooth as possible. Jo will:
    -          Meet with you at your property for the purpose of a rental appraisal and discuss our approach to property management.
    -          Explain our fees and charges, systems and processes.
    -          Go through the Management Authority with you and explain the obligations of tenants, landlords and agents.
    -          Undertake the marketing of your property and then work with the leasing department to ensure that all runs according to plan.
    -          Allocate one of our experienced Property Managers to you, your property and

How many properties do you manage?

  • At this stage we have just over 750 rental properties under our management. Property Managers with more than 100 properties have an Assistant, and this ‘pod’ structure allows the Property Managers’ to feel fully supported in their roles.
  • We also employ a Business Development Manager, a Leasing Manager and our Reception staff to allow Property Manager’s to focus solely on managing your tenancies and monitoring your investment property.  

Who does the Quarterly Inspections?

  • Your dedicated Property Management team will perform all property inspections and deal with maintenance and tenant compliance issues.
  • They will spend approximately 30 minutes at your property to take notes and thoroughly check the interior and exterior of the property. Our owners are invited to attend Routine Inspections, should they wish.
  • Owners can expect to receive a PDF report, with photographs attached and a maintenance report with any items that require the owner’s attention.
  • For more information regarding LJ Hooker Mandurah, fees and charges or investing in general, please contact our Business Development Manager Jo Lockwood-Hall for a welcomed discussion.