My first time buyer's journey

By Hayley McDermott on Feb 08 2018
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After 5 years working as a sales administrator in Real Estate, I felt the time and market conditions were right for me to buy my own home. So finally, at the age of 24 I decided to take the plunge while the market was favourable for buyers. I had a long list of things that I wanted – no, “needed” - in a home and the location in Mandurah I preferred..

After putting together my short list (almost every property in town that was in my budget!) I went to see Steve Milligan at Launch Finance to see if I could get my finance pre-approval.

While waiting for my finance to be pre-approved it is was time to start looking for my new home! Of course I would first have to go through my not so 'short list' and decide which homes to view first.

The first home open I attended, the house was perfect! There were a few things to update but it ticked all the boxes and I knew it would be a great home. However, to my dismay, I wasn’t the only person to see how perfect this home was and 3 out of the 16 groups through the first home open submitted offers that day (rarer in this market than unicorn dust!).

When the second, third and fourth houses didn’t live up to my imagination I decided to venture out of my “ideal” locations and found a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home in Mariners Cove; it even had a pool (albeit slighlty green) and it was in my budget!
Swimming Pool
The only thing downside was this house needed work, so my “needed” qualities of a home went out the window fast! This isn’t the end of the world though. After all, I have helped tile and grout the bathroom and laundry at my mums and helped with the garden landscaping,

I’m even currently renovating my dad’s house that had been left in poor condition by previous tenants (note to all private landlords, you never realise how much you need a property manager until it’s too late!!). After doing all this I’m sure I can handle some over grown gardens and re-painting, right? Read my next update to see how I got on...