My first plumbing experience

My first plumbing experience

By Hayley McDermott on Jun 18 2018
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So, this is it, living on my own and taking care of myself. This is easy, I’ve been taking care of myself since my early teens anyway so this won’t be so different, right? WRONG!

flatpack-furniture.jpgNow don’t get me wrong, I know how to cook, clean and do laundry myself. But was I in over my head when it came to sorting out retic, cleaning a pool properly and don’t even get me started on flat packs!

If I ever buy furniture again please remind me how torturous flat packs are! Even with my team of brothers helping me I was still left putting together bed side tables, TV unit, coffee tables and the buffet weeks after moving in! Thank god I managed to finish my bed on the first night!

Settling into my new home was hard at first, having to learn that no, those noises your hearing late at night is just the roof or the wind and not someone trying to get through the door! Not only was I having to learn to do things on my own, but I was also learning that some things I just can’t do…

toilet-leak264-(1).jpgWhen finally enjoying the freedom of having my own bathroom after years of sharing with 4 males (yes, gross!) the worst happens. My toilet is broken. Not just any old broken, but leaking from the wall and puddling everywhere! So, there I am trying to be all independent, to do things on my own and bam first desperate phone call to the eldest brother to help me. And just when I think it can’t get worse - especially being the first week - my brother can’t fix it and I need to replace the tap wear.

A quick run to Bunnings later and we think we have it sorted, wrong again…! After all that, I still needed to call a plumber out and ended up just replacing the whole toilet along with the tap wear. That’s not so bad as I was planning on doing so when I renovated the bathrooms but that was supposed to be way into the future, not straight away. Let’s just hope this one lasts.

So, first life lesson learnt. Prepare for the unexpected and second lesson, keep a handy tradesperson on speed dial!