Jenni Rundle

PM Department Manager

A strong commitment and dedication to Property Management is evident in Jenni’s six-year history with LJ Hooker Mandurah.

Starting in our Leasing Department, Jenni became an Assistant Property Manager in 2011 and shortly after in 2012, started her own portfolio. Due to her high level of service Jenni was rewarded for her diligent work in 2013 after successfully gaining membership to the prestigious LJ Hooker Captains Club.

With Jenni’s knowledge of the different roles in Property Management she is very well equipped at every level and can offer her expertise in any aspect of Property Management.

The rental market is constantly changing and Jenni’s ability to keep abreast of the altering market enables her to offer an outstanding service and to maximise the investment return for clients.

Jenni continually strives to provide a high level of service by providing her current owners and tenants with well-rounded advice and assistance. She understands the importance of attention to detail, great organization skills, regular communication and most importantly – listening to client’s requirements


  • Satisfaction
    ( 4.5 / 5.0 )
  • Recommendation
    ( 4.6 / 5.0 )
  • Performance
    ( 4.6 / 5.0 )

What our customers say

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Jenni Rundle has always been professional, friendly and attends to all issues promptly. I fully rely on her feedback on all matters relating to the property and am greatly satisfied with her Management skills. I find Jenni easy to communicate with and greatly appreciate her speedy feedback and prompt action in resolving all issues.

M.McBride, Hillarys

Jennifer is always very quick to get back to me on any matters relating to my property, she is friendly and professional. I am constantly recommending her to friends or anyone interested in a property manager. Jennifer is a person that any one would feel comfortable with. She is very approachable and friendly. I consider my relationship with her personable. Thankyou Jenni for not only all your hard work over the years, Nothing was every hard enough and you would just make things happen. You have made it very easy for me and also been there in a few tough times to lend an ear which make you not only professional but a good friend as well.

Fiona Bain Secret Harbour

Jenni has been fantastic to work with. She does her utmost to assist us, is always helpful and prompt to reply if I have a query . Most importantly, she is dedicated to making sure a good relationship between our selves and our tenants is maintained

Lyn, Perth

Thank you for looking after our property and tenants Jen, we are grateful and appreciative of the great work you do.

Lili Prvulovic

Jennifer is a fantastic manager and I trust her with everything regarding my property

tiffany franklin, port kennedy

My wife and I are very happy with Jennifer's performance in managing our property. She is dependable, thorough, and reliable and I would recommend Jennifer to anyone considering the need for a property manager.

Phil Munckton Gooseberry Hill

Tough times in the rental market and Jenny has great knowledge that she shares with her landlords. Like all landlords we have had issues with our tenant from time to time, Jenny has been great with helping the tenant to know what her responsibilities are and I feel thanks to Jenny we are on a much better footing as Jenny really knows her stuff and keeps on top of what’s happening. Jennifer Rundle is a dedicated and hard working property manager who forges a good rapport with both landlords and tenants.

Victoria Gray, Rockingham

Jenni Rundle & Ramona Kaspar have been absolutely excellent and a pleasure to deal with on all aspects of property management and looked after our property in a professional manner. Jenni looks after our interests and that of the tenants and as such we all benefit.

Tony Iannello Halls Head

Love having Jenni as our property manager. Jenni is forthwright and knowledgeable about the property market and most importantly knows about YOUR property and its tenants. There's no need to " update" jenni about a properties past or ongoing issues as she makes it her business to know.

Christian Mondeil, Mandurah

Murdoch Drive was, and is, a tricky property to manage as it is on the wrong side of the tracks so to speak and attracts less than diligent tenants. Jenni has always had our best interests in mind when leasing out this property and dealing with the red flags that have constantly sprung up in terms of breaches and tenant issues. Jenni is patient but also tough when it is required and as we travel a lot we have been relieved to know that this particular property is in safe hands.

Christian Mondeil, Mandurah