After Hours Procedure for Tenants

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After Hours Procedure for Tenants

What do I do if the office is closed?


Emergency Plan for Tenants

During your tenancy you may encounter an emergency situation. An emergency is defined as something that may cause more damage to the property if left unattended or cause harm to someone. As our property managers are only contactable during office hours you will need to use the following procedure.


Break In or Damage to Glass

In the case of a break in you will need to contact the police. The police will then give you a police report number which you are required to give to the property manager as soon as possible.  Without this number we cannot make an insurance claim and the cost of the repair will be at your own expense. If there is further damage besides glass damage to the property please let the property manager know as soon as possible. 

Below are the contact numbers of our recommended glaziers. 
You may use these if you cannot get hold of the property manager:

  • Diverse Glazing - 0427 766 832
  • Mandurah Glass Services - 9581 2894
  • Port Kennedy Glass - 0447 800 060

You may instruct the glazier to forward the invoice directly to our office.

If the glass breakage is the result of an act attributable to yourself, you may call a glazier to repair the broken glass but the cost of the repair will be at your own expense.


Hot Water System Stops Working

If your property has a gas hot water system, check that the pilot light is on. If it is after hours and you cannot contact the property manager please contact one of the following contractors:

Gas Hot Water System:

  • QA Plumbing Gas & Drainage - (08) 9582 8822
  • Mundy's Plumbing and Gas - 0420 908 300

Electrical Hot Water System

  • Mundy's Plumbing and Gas - 0420 908 300
  • Harbour Electrics - 0422 922 932

Please note if the issue is a leak please call one of the above stated plumbers.

Electrical Problem That May Cause Harm to Tenant

  • Harbour Electrics - 0422 922 932  

Lost Keys or Keys Locked Inside the Property

You may contact a locksmith directly however this is at your own cost. If you lose or lock your keys inside the property during business hours you may come and collect our office set of keys to allow you access to the property. These keys must be returned to our office the same day.  Please do not contact your property manager after hours if you have locked yourself out of the property. Below is our recommended locksmith:

  • A1 Locks - 9370 2943
  • Master Lock Services - 0400 040 838


Severe Storm Damage / Severe Damage to Property

In the case of severe storm damage OR severe property damage please take the following steps:  If during office hours please contact your property manager. 

  • SES (State Emergency Services) 1300 130 039

If anyone is injured please call an ambulance on 000

If there are any burst water pipes at the property please turn the water off at the mains and call the below recommended plumber.

  • Mundy's Plumbing and Gas - 0420 908 300

If there is any urgent electrical damage please turn the electricity off at the mains and call the below electrician.   

  • Harbour Electrics - 0422 922 932

If there is structural damage to the property, electrical problems or flooding, we recommend you do not stay at the property. The property manager will contact the building insurer the next working day, who will send an assessor and attend to any structural repairs.

Need some plumbing advice ASAP? Check out these quick, educational videos from Plumbing Bros surrounding common plumbing issues by visiting their website.

Please note that if you go ahead with a repair that IS NOT classified as an emergency, the owner is NOT obligated to pay for any expenses incurred. Additionally if any maintenance is carried out at the property and found not to be the owners responsibility but as fault by the tenant you will be held accountable for any expenses.